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We all know how important it is to take good photos of your work. You can make the most beautiful cookie in the world, but if your photo doesn't look great, it won't sell your product! I've created these 4 presets to help you edit your photos so that your photos look consistent, bright, and natural every time! I use these on every single photo that I post on my own feed. Once downloaded into the free Lightroom app, my presets are simple to use, and all editing can be done directly from your phone. I hope this helps and I cannot wait to see your beautiful photos!

Hanamade Preset Pack and Guide

  • Once purchased, you will immediately recieve an email with a zip file containing my 4 presets and a step-by-step PDF guide teaching you how to download them. These products are not intended for resale, and are nonrefundable once purchased. Please note that you will only have 30 days to download from your email before it expires.

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